I notice some things;

luckily they stay long enough

just to be noticed.

just to be noticed.

just to be noticed.

Amos White - Haiku PoetAmos White – Poet

I am a poet, author and social media marketer.
This blog represents the convergence of those interests. It brings together my poetry as produced on and even some about the web.

I’ve always had a passion and a penchant for making “friends” and in creating social connections. The advent of Web 2.0 and of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace helped me combine my passions to provide the platform for creating the poetic content and for publishing it. The bonus was the myriad of ways these tools could extend and reconnect relationships via “friend-of a-friend” or FOAF algorithms that push seeming disparate connections and long-lost relations back together, matching them in but only a few key words from your profile.

My poems may also serve to reconnect you too, with familiar experiences and images that transcend space and time.

So please sign in to this blog to get my posts, if you like.

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Or get your Haiku Greeting Cards online.

Feel free to comment on my haiku and to share yours here as well.

– Amos.

  1. Great poetry Amos. I really enjoyed that email of your history of Haiku as well. It’ll be great working together on this project!

    Have a great weekend,


  2. Hi Amos,
    It took a little doing, but I’m here. In my journey to this site, I visited quite a few of your others. Quite impressive. Maybe one day, I’ll get the hang of Haiku. You are clearly a master. Keep at it!

  3. Hi Amos! I have you signed up for this round of Spark (which begins tomorrow), but your email is bouncing back so I can’t send you the necessary files to get started. Can you contact me if you’re still interested in taking part?


  4. Amos, my friend. We met in San Francisco and were part of the Sunday night group that strolled North Beach. Over coffee and pastries, you educated two or three of us about the space between breaths. (See that? Your jaw just dropped!)

    Great site. I’ve just gotten my site up, and I’d love to provide my visitors a link to you. Hope you are doing well, whichever side of the Atlantic you’re on these days.

    Dave DiGrazie

  5. HI Amos. I follow you on Twitter and enjoy your poems. I am interested in making an ebook collection of Twitter poems and would like your permission to include your poem “the bottom / of this endless well / an echo.” If you’d like to be involved or learn more about the project, you can contact me at marycrocketthill at yahoo dot com. Thanks! Mary

  6. Amos, so glad to be finding out more about you and your writing… I am not on Facebook.
    I would love for you to submit to read at second Sunday poetry series at Britt Marie’s…

    Barb Reynolds

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