Poetry Readings

Poets and pictures from poetry readings:
San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda,
the East Bay, San Jose and Marin.

Kit Kennedy “Poetry Hotel” at the Gallery Cafe, San Francisco, series closing – 11/08/2010
haiku read: rain sound rips from streets . . .through what open sky . . .The laughter echoes
. . .Winter’s fading light . . .over poetry .

SF Library Poetry Tribute Celebration of Jehana Wedgewood – 11/07/2010
haiku read: Too soon long nights come . . .Moistened rainbows glow.

Music of the Word, Berkeley – Avotcja, Host – 10/24/2010
favorite poetic line: “Six billion primates clutched tightly to a ball of dust drifting thru space.”-Mark Kohkinos

Alameda, California St. Joseph “Prism” Literary Journal Poetry Reading – 10/21/2010
Prism is a literary-art magazine published by students of St. Joseph Notre Dame High School
in Alameda, California.  Prisms is published annually and is led by Advisor Elizabeth Palaez Norris.

Sunset Poetry – 333 Gallery, Sausalito, California – 9/15/2010
Zara Raab reads from her poem in the 16 Rivers Press Poetry Anthology. “Landscape with Snakes”.
Gillian Connely reads “A Total Pleasure” by Duncan and “Next in the Corner.”
Stefanie Marliss reads George Oppen’s “Psalm.”
– Hosted by Martin Steckle.

Alameda Island Poets – 09/1/2010
Jack and Adelle Folley read and perform their choral poetry
Ken Petersen speaks on haiku and cites Matsuo Basho, Japanese haiku master.
Cathy Dana performs an interactive poem using 7 letters and 7 poets, entitled, “Seven Letters Seven Poets: RU2BZ2C.”
April Colombo reads tow poem about animals: grey wolf, and an twelve year old golden retriever.
Arlene Melcher reads her poem Peanut Butter.
Bill Rowan, “David’s Last Goodbye At the Alley”
Garrett Murphy, “Emmitt the Musical Redux.”
Jeanne Lupton “Blanche DuBois and I”
Peter Sandholt
Jan Dederick, “Two Haiku to Amos”, “Open Letter to my Raccoon Neighbors”
John Rowe, “Poems Written on the Back of Match Books.”
Mary Rudge and Dave Holt also read
Amos White reads a haiku and played four video haiku of himself reciting
Nanette Deetz, “Julie’s Cafe”Mary Loughran, “Toe Nail Lie Pink”
Charlie Lopez “1347 A Park Street”
Adelle Foley, “60 Years Later, After the Camps”

SF Poetry Hotel – Kit Kennedy, Host –  8/2/2010
Kit Kennedy reading features Larry Beresford and Rose Marks.
Larry Beresford, “Mr. Funky’s Coffee House Manifestoes”
Rose Marks reads poem about walking the Fruitvale in Okaland, California.

Richard Silverberg Hosts Poetry Flash at Moe’s Books, Berkeley, Callifornia – 7/22/2010

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