Index of Haiku Poems

The Sound of the Web:The Sound of the Web: Haiku Poetry on Facebook and Twitter, By Amos White
Haiku Poetry on Twitter and Facebook

By, Amos White

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3 cups of coffee
All that’s green to gold
Barbary Coast trail
BBC News reads
Bernal Hill’s white cap
Blackened menace fades
Bougainvillea blooms
bull kelp, thunder, mists
butterfly laughter
Cafe Trieste
cars push prickly air
Caught at the Cross Roads
chimney flue knocking
Cirrus stratus veils
Cooling tongue of fog
Cricks! grasshopper leaps
crossing full morning
Estuary ebbs
Fallen Valkyrie
Fog upon Bay Bridge
friend futility
Ginko leaves twitter
Google Org reports
Harvest moon hastens
Hidden rock spirits
hiking on Mount Tam
Hulking dinosaurs
In yoga the mind
Interstate waltzes
Mario’s Café
Mendocino knows
midday shadows meet
missing Treo found
Morning rose again
My ❤ goes to roam
Night’s shiny button
no little things: Gods
Oh! Streetcar! Streetcar
On no kitten feet
Open morning brings
opposites attract
oranged faces wait
Over hill and dale
over left shoulder
pale noon winds raise bumps
Picking Cabernet
Pink Martini sings
Rain drops in SF
seven twenty three
she ponytails by
sky blows under bridge
Snail! Astride night sand
Sometimes a whisper
Somewhere in between
Spirit Beauty Hope
Starry starry night
Stuart Jackson
Surreal radio
tethered by an arm
The gulls know better
The Irish monkey
There was no alarm
they came one month late
thunderstorm breaks night
tigers growl
To see the sun rise
Twenty kites ballet
Vision stokes a flame
Walking on the beach
We try, and; again
Wednesday headlines ache
Welcome to WordPress
What does the Moon do
What does the Moon say
What does the Moon see
when life inspires
Whining chain link swing
Winter’s fading light
Your photo essay

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